Voice interface must be shutdown before updating

Depending on the size of the replication folders, this operation may take several minutes.Causes Connection either to start or to stop including a DSCP value of 18 in packets sent between the Connection servers in a cluster, so a router configured to prioritize packets based on their DSCP value can prioritize Connection data and voice messages. Run this command on subscriber and publisher servers before executing the CLI command utils dbreplication reset or utils dbreblication clusterreset.

It displays the DSCP markings in decimal and hexidecimal.This standard input and output log gets generated and is available at the path /var/log/active/jetty/.Enables or disables the request log getting generated from the Jetty server while any request is raised for notifications.This method is used when you restore one server from a backup and must copy the restored data to the other server.Creates a cluster relationship with the publisher server in a Connection cluster after the server was replaced or the Connection was reinstalled on the publisher server.

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