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This is a great example of hidden bias, or discrimination, at the ground level of a business. However, isn't it human nature to gravitate towards the familiar?If hidden bias has already elevated a Caucasian HR member in charge of hiring, she may be embarrassed to call people whose names are unfamiliar.Are reviews direct and to the point about each employee's performance?

Remember, hidden biases are rarely intentional so rather than taking a defensive stance, it may be better to step back from the situation.1) You may be surprised to learn that you have a few hidden biases unconsciously lurking in your very own mind.Discrimination, especially in its disguised form of hidden biases, is responsible for hiring discrepancies, uneven pay, and unfair access to career training that would promote or advance employees."Susie is a good team player who reaches beyond the company standards and always completes her tasks ahead of schedule" is a more legitimate comment.4) The next time there is an opportunity to hire a new employee, make a close examination of the hiring practices. A recent study on resume review procedures found that "White sounding names" were called back significantly more often than applicants with "African sounding names".

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In crafting these new important definitions related to the overarching definition of disability, the ADA-AA also expressly rejects the holdings of several United States Supreme Court decisions that had interpreted the ADA (and substantially limits and major life activities) narrowly and denied coverage to some persons with disabilities. Thus, the ADA-AA now provides critical guidance to individuals with disabilities, employers, advocates, attorneys, and judges as to Congresss intent as to whom the Act should cover and how the Act should be interpreted going forward into the future.

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